Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shower ME With Your Gifts

Lately, I had been receiving souvenirs & gifts from fellow friends-cum-bloggers, it is always nice to receive gifts isn't it? My sincere gratitude to all and I appreciate it.

Remember the Head Porter tote bag I blogged about a few posting ago? That same friend also gave me two pieces of T-shirt from Japan, it is a B.E.A.M.S, a brand that we will never be able to see back here. Thanks Kenji for the lovely shirts.

I received more and more T-shirts. One of my best blogger buddy, Alan gave me this from Bali. Hard Rock T-shirt, very nice, I like the back of the shirt especially. Will save it for our Cambodia trip together ya ;)

And the last piece of shirt I received was from Taiwan. Meow who went to Taiwan for some musical event bought me this cute Simpsons shirt from Bossini. Sweet!

Once again, thank you peeps very much. You people are real sweet! Don't forget to buy me more ya :P


True Love said...

such sweet friends you have... i wan to be showered with gifts too!

tanalan2 said...

no worrries mate..u r going to Macau rite ???????? hehehe

ahlost said...


good things should be shared together RIGHT??!!!

hahaha.. your friends are so sweet :)