Friday, August 03, 2007

Sanctuary Explored & Penetrated

Last night was one of the best night I had ever spent in Sanctuary. Reason - hang out with most of my favourite girls last night and met up with some new happening bunch thanks to Nikki. And whenever there is a night outing, camwhoring is like a norm already to me, shit I felt like a bitch now. Drank quite a bit, not drunk but perhaps the mixture of beer & Black Label & Hennessy really got its effect on me but I am good today @ work though :P

Caught up with my long lost friend again, I think I can only apply my chemistry knowledge that I learnt during my Science stream days, she is definitely a babe isn't she? Major massive camwhore. Let me unveil to you my long lost friend....

Massive camwhore with Christine...

Another of my all time favourite girl, Nikki (guys, hands off, she's attached not to me though :P) This week alone Nikki been really proactive in introducing real babes to me. Met up with Aarie for Tom Yam few days back (unfortunately she is attached), then last night met up with Cecilia (attached), Joyce (status unknown) & Jaye (status unknown). Also got a few batangS there but sorry for my bitchy self, I can't remember all the names (I only apply chemistry to girls), hehehe... just joking mates (Heng, Jason, Shah <--- these are fews that I can recall)

Aarie can really bite!!!

Failed lips-locking!!!

With Jaye (Left) & Cecilia

From L-R ---> Cecilia, Nikki & Joyce. The bear behind trying to act cute

Bollywood style camwhore with Nikki girl

Getting loud with Cecilia & Joyce (she still available?)

With lovely Joyce

Enough??? No??? OK OK Random pics...

Enough lar... tired leh uploaded so many pictures.... :)


Chris said...

Hey bro, christine's a beauty man...and u the beast...LOL...**just kidding** were u guys there for the Maxis screening of the FA Community Shield last nite?

Michael Song said...

chris, the rest cun also wat... i was @ melaka watchin the game wif my dad...