Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sweet Escape from Harajuku

So this HARAJUKU buzz is the 'in' thing now, most of the blogs that I pimp daily had been pinning up their creative harajuku doll. Thanks to Nuffnang, I signed up to create my very own puppet as well and it is exclusively for nuffnangers to win the Sony Ericsson phone.

Everyone meet the cute 'Emmery', and if you find that it's cute, what the heck, send a sms to vote for her ya. Details as below, be warned, 50 cents per sms. Mahal kan?

Since Harajuku is the subject here, have you heard of this cult brand for bag called Head Porter? Still remember my Japanese friend that I spoke about a week ago? He bought me this cute little HP tote bag from Japan, first look at it, many thought it is another free item from Hewlett-Packard as the initial embedded on the bag itself.

This is a cult brand that is a hit in Japan, 2 years ago I received a HP coin pouch from him as well and thanks to him as I can confidently state that I am the only one in Malaysia owning this bag, and freakingly cost about USD 70 (approx RM 250)

Before I carry this bag around, I was using an Adidas sling bag. Since I used this, many look at me like one kind whenever I go jalan-jalan. Mind you peeps, this is what we call 'fashionably fashionable' k.

So what do I store inside this bag?

All my gadgets - PSP, Digital Camera, LG Shine, cardholder, wallet, pen, maxis extra simcard & small paper notebook.

So, any guys carrying tote bag or handbag??? And if you do, what's normally in it?


Albert Yap said...

A red half-transparent plastic bag....I haven't a pack of "gai fann" (Chicken Rice) inside as my lunch.

tanalan2 said...

Hehe I have a bag,white blue plastic bag...hit in China !!!! Hey I like the flowery tote bad u took to Curve last week more lar..( looks more like ah soh !! ) Just joking mate..its cool bag....can I have one too ???????

Michael Song said...

albert... tat bag i got plenty, different different color somemore...

alan... i shall blog bout that tote bag pretty soon... tat is also another big brand from japan... damn mahal also...

Alex said...

im carrying this bag now:

The black Supreme duffle bag. Very nice :) Otherwise i have my camo, very old Supreme backpack