Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pimp Mikemmery's Office

For readers who had been pimping mikemmery, it is always the crazy side of me, clubbing camwhoring all the time right? To the extent, that some guys (munak!!!) who I knew call me a PIMP for the massive camwhoring with different girls all the time.

Besides my house (sleeping place) & Sanctuary, actually I spend an average of 12 hours in office, so do not get me wrong peeps, I work hard and party hard at the same time. I enjoy my time in my office cubicle actually, today I will bring you peeps to pimp my cubicle.

I have 2 screens, that is why I can manage my emails, my work and ks cbox at the same time, just that my eyes are kept busy all the time, I think I would soon need to be on my spectacles, as it gets pretty tired lately. I have not been pimping ks cbox lately as my schedule for this coming 2 weeks pretty tied up, I am launching 2 new LG Mobile soon.

Pinned on my cubicle, my holidays itinerary with Airasia. Next month I will be heading to Macau & China (biz trip) and in November I will be going to Cambodia with my besties. Also pinned here - the 2 tickets of Q-final & S-final AFC Cup matches in Malaysia & my Korean team scarf.
Pinned here are those souvenirs I received from my fellow colleagues every time they came back from biz trip overseas, I already very tired of receiving Korean related souvenirs, I got dozen of them already. And I am a fan of laughing Buddha, these are some of my collections which purchased from various countries. The blue tumbler is a gift from Angeline (my reader & friend).
And my ex-colleague dropped me a message just before she left the company. It is really sweet of her and Joanne if you reading this, appreciate all the time working together with you too. Hope you the best of things in your new company ya.
And now I need to get back to work, before my boss starts to shout @ me. This week, I am very angelic, rejected a few offers for drink from friends, thanks to my work lar. This friday, perhaps I will pimp Poppy Garden after my function, anyone interested to join?

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