Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day

It had been a while since I last went back Melaka. It felt so good to be home, my own comfy room and trust me it is a super nice room, designed by my ex-gf, moreover this room easily cost about RM30k, from the bed to wardrobe to every single detailed furnishings on it. Thanks to daddy, who granted our wish then.

This is how my room looks like, on the left of the pic, is my wardrobe, a typical Japanese sliding door, sorry I did not snap any pic in the inside compartment of the wardrobe but it is definitely a huge wardrobe inside there. My queen sized bed with my side table, mom so sweet asking me to leave my picture taken with my ex-gf in the room for the meantime, until I finally found someone new. Mom surely miss and love her like I do. Thanks Mom!!! Let's cross fingers ya.

Brought my parents and my brother for Fantastic 4 The Rise of The Silver Surfer. Luckily this time those FINAS people do not create a Malay title for this movie, if not what should they call? 4 Pahlawan : Kebangkitan Peluncur Perak? It had been a while since my parents last visited the cinema, so I took the opportunity to do something fresh for them, although they do not enjoy the movie like I do (dad fell asleep in the middle of the movie), but I hope they enjoy what I had planned for them.

Then on Sunday, had Father's Day dinner with my parents & grandparents. A typical Chinese dinner but overall enjoyed it, and you never realized how people around you have aged so much. Do not take things for granted. I myself aged terribly ;) There is also cake arranged for them.

I would like to take the opportunity to people who are reading this who happened to be a father now, a very Happy Father's Day to all of you. To those who ain't a father yet, appreciate the old man at home, appreciate the loved ones around you. Never ever take things for granted, you will never know when you will lose hold on them...
Had a PRADA tea session with key journalists and press people @ Vicenza, One Bangsar. Here is one of the camwhoring of mine with the black beauty. YES, it is finally arrived at our shore. Retailing at RM Two Triple Nine. Only available @ Prada boutique, KLCC and all participating LG Mobile Kiosk nationwide.

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Chris said...

It's been ages since I last met ur dad bro...he really aged alot leh...rem how we used to frequent ur place for footie last time...those were the I missed those times...