Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hotel Reservations

With the privilege to travel out of Malaysia hassle free thanks to the "Now Everyone Can Fly" airlines, most of us get the chance to have a breakaway holidays but the headache is always on the accommodation side. Upon confirming our tickets to our preferred destination, the next question is always 'Where to stay ar?', 'Expensive or not?', etc.

Now all this can be solved as I happened to bump into a site which I want to share with my fellow readers who are facing the same dilemma. Check out the site here-->
Cheap Hotels. The site offers most of the informations for ground arrangement ranging from hotels to transportations.

On the first look, the site is by default a US site with various packages, tourists guides and information about America. Rest assured, there are links in the site that can provide the informations that you ever need about anywhere, anytime on world wide destinations. As I am traveling to Siam Reap, Cambodia this coming November, I clicked on the Asia site map and detailed but brief summary of Cambodia in a whole. The site offers a range of hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals, etc of your preferred destination anywhere around the globe. Besides that, if you are lucky, there will be great discounts on certain preferred destination.

Besides the brief but informative country guide, bookings for hotel can be made through the site itself, just select the city of the country of your choice, then a list of hotels ranging from budget hotel/motel to the 5 stars ones. Flights arrangement to your chosen destination can be made through the site as well and not to forget too the service for car rental. This is definitely one of the best site around to make booking for accommodation and there will no longer be headache for ground arrangements for my holidays for sure.

I made my booking through the site, payment was made through my credit card and a confirmation of booking was sent to my preferred email address. I have never thought hotel reservations can be such easy until I found out about the site. Offers & prices are pretty competitive and I managed to get a discount for being early bird to book for my hotel. Worth a try mate...

Give it a shot mate!!! Cheers!

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