Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'd Signed Up For...

For the past weeks, I had signed up a few accounts that can help to generate some income while continue my passion & love for blogging. Why not right? I knew and aware that a few famous bloggers in Malaysia like & who charge a pretty handsome amount of money on advertisers.

Have you ever imagine yourself being paid to blog what you love to? Yes, it is true. I just signed up for one week, and there are already a few offers from advertisers to blog about their products and sites, the best is that you are not oblige to do so, you got the freedom to choose to accept the offer. But the setbacks on this is that most of the advertisers are off American companies, so you gotta learn their products or sites well before you can start to write about them. Highly recommended for bloggers who loves writing & get some side income at the same time. It is the Pay Per Post (PPP), worth a try ya.
ads on blogs

And I believe everyone (bloggers) have heard about Nuffnang (Asia's First Advertising Community). I first signed up in the month of April, and lucky me, I got an advertisers who chose my blog site to place their banner ad for 2 weeks. Thanks to Exabytes and Nuffnang to make this happened to me.

I had met up with Timothy(Nuffnang's boss), and he had been helpful and tirelessly explaining to me how the whole Nuffnang thingy works. They will also be an event for bloggers next week in Penang but unfortunately all RSVPs are snapped up, I will try my best to be there if I can ya.

Lastly I signed up for , reason of me putting them last here, because I am still very much skeptical about their strategy. Frankly if you ask me, I am still very much a nuffnanger, and Advertlets tag line is Asia's Better Blog Advertising Network????. Indirectly whacking someone up there huh? :P But regardless lar, as long as they can help to generate income, I wouldn't complain much, I have yet to see any results out of it though. But one of their advertisers kinda good. If you happen to see MYEG, it is a good site to check your summonses and blacklists.

Ok, enough said about my sponsors & advertisers-cum-side income generator. I would like to take this opportunities to wish every dads who are reading this, a very Happy Father's Day!!!


Suet Li said...

hello michael,

thanks for signing up with nuffnang and for supporting us thus far!

Suet Li of Nuffnang

Michael Song said...

sure suet li... send my regards to tim & marcus... will bump into ur blog...