Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day Dream

Someone in KL city centre just got filthy rich few days ago. Yes, DaMaCai got a winner for their biggest ever 'Periuk Jack', a whopping grand total of RM 17 million. So guys, ever day dream yourself winning this extraordinary amount of money with just an investment of RM3?

Nabeh, upon seeing the headlines on one of the chinese paper, that is one fucking lucky man and can't help myself dreaming & fantasizing what am I going to do if I got that kind of money??? There is even a hokkien song which goes like this 'Na Si Wa Uu Chik Pak Barn'.

'Na Si Wa Uu Chik Pak Barn', I will;
  • Get my dad his favourite Camry car, he is a very down to earth man, he does not fancy continental car, moreover better keep low profile, if not later kena hijack.
  • Bring mom & rest of family for a good holiday.
  • Send my youngest brother to fulfil his dream to further study abroad.
  • Now something for myself, a decent continental car. Maybe 5 series.
  • Open up a blogger cafe, a contemporary concept kind of cafe for fellow bloggers to chill. Cafe equipped with the latest PC for updating blogs and DOTA.
  • Propose to my ex with a carat Tiffany & Co gem ;PGet a decent condo in Damansara area, Armanee Terrace maybe?
  • If my ex accepts my proposal, then I will open up a boutique for her to manage, she is a fashion freak.
  • Myself manage the blogger cafe & plus some healthy investment & healthy returns.
  • Allocate substantial amount of $ in FD ;)

Happy Ending.... (I wish I do not wake up from this dream)...


melvinfoong said...

for that money, it wont be enough

Albert Yap said...

wake up man....Chik Pak Barn tak cukup la......u need Chik Cheng Barn for that......

Chris said...

Na si wa uu cit pak ban...wa ai khi ce pe ki...