Friday, June 08, 2007

Di Akhir Dunia

It had been a long time since I last went to Mid Valley, it was those days when I am still attached whereby I will frequent shopping malls 'berpacaran' with my love. Anyway, I was called to join a bunch @ Finnigans Mid Valley. I am so fucking outdated, I always thought the only Finnigans is at Sri Hartamas. Well, had breaded pork chop for my dinner accompanied with a jug, overall a good place to dine with a nice decor around. Met a few new friends who happened to link me to a project of 500 pcs LCD TV, see how fucking important is networking now?

Just to share something about my experience dining in Sakae Sushi, The Curve, ordered Ina Ebiko which is supposed to look like the picture above. It is supposed to be topped with shrimp roe but to our amazement, check out the picture below.

Sorry for the poor quality of picture taken with my camera phone. supposed to come in 2 pieces, one of them was topped & the other one was not, when we enquired one of the waiter there, he told us in Cantonese, this is not the first time customer questioning him, he said we should have check before we consume, the feeling of being cheated and I swear I will never fucking step my foot in this restaurant again.

Enough bout my rants about the bakayaro restaurant. Last nite, managed to catch midnight show on "Lanun-lanun Carribean, Di Akhir Dunia", it was a great movie, too bad I did not catch earlier premiere with my fellow Nuffnang-ers, I suggested to my buddies last night to dress up in pirates attire but they potong stim all the time. KNNCCB.

More updates: Finally, Nuffnang gave me some real good news, for this week, I got an advertiser who decided to advertise here in mikemmery. I am so excited about it and thanks to the guidance and thoughts shared with Tim on this. Cannot wait to meet you next Wednesday.

I will be flying off to Chiangmai tomorrow morning, I will be away on a 4days/3nights trip-cum-launch of my new phone. So depending on internet access, I would love to update as often as I can. Gonna miss you all. MUACKS!!!


tanalan2 said...

Hey...i was cheated b4 in akae too...overall da quality is just so so only...dunno y da ppl are so mad bout a sushi rush in sakae.....tome just another ordinary outlet which served cold n unfresh sushi to the undiscerning....

Michael Song said...