Sunday, October 07, 2007

Am I Ready?

I received an SMS from one of my Angel, one of my upcoming trip had been retimed, at least we see an improvement in AirAsia to at least notify us a month before our flight but the sad part is that perhaps we need not sleep the night before our departure, looking forward to this backpacking trip with 2 of my Angels & blogger buddy (get well soon k!!!) :P

Yes, I am flying again. Since my break up, I had been pampering myself with lots of travelling and of cos it burned a hole in my pocket too (hatyai, bangkok, chiangmai, macau, china, singapore and upcoming cambodia), but all an eye opener to me and I enjoyed most of it frankly.

Last week, I received an unexpected call from HER. I am glad I am cool enough to control my emotion and politely rejected a policy plan she wanted me to invest on (I do not want to commit anything with her during my recovery period). All I got to say, 10 months passed, I am cherishing the best moments we once had 4 years back and at the same time I am looking forward and slowly but surely the hope of us patching back together will fade away someday. Along this journey of recovery, I had met a few princesses which I feel can be compatible companion for me but timing is not right as yet. Let's pray that a princess can make me fall in love again *cross fingers*


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish my best friend who had been there during my most difficult time. Happy birthday mate, unlike many other years before, no more big celebration but then it's your special day! Happy birthday in advance mate!


maegen said...

all the best & i wan souvenir too ... geeee~~

Michael Song said...

hehehe... maegen, noted... will see wat can i get for u there ya!

jane said...

hehe.. sure you will find one soon.

Princess Eileen said...

Err.... I feel weird carrying my princess title and commenting now. Wukakaka... later a lot of misunderstanding *cough cough*

I love traveling!!!! Cambodia is awesome, very unique compared to other places I have gone. You will enjoy it. And it is absolutely right to pamper yourself even if you are in a relationship (preferably pamper your partner too :P)

Oh, I also interested in the haagen dazz buffet. Very sinful blog lar!!!

Michael Song said...

jane... thanks a lot...

princess eileen... wat so weird leh??? who misunderstanding??? cambodia nice huh??? u wanna b pampered??? we still got one pending date to, and now haagen dasz??? tat makes 2 dates pending :P