Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nuffnang Boleh!

I am a bit on ecstasy when opening my hotmail inbox... ***jeng jeng jeng***... i got consecutive 3 emails from nuffnang, I got advertisers that booked all my spots until end of this month. Thanks to nuffnang, I remember the last time I rant about AirAsia, the next thing I knew was that there was an AirAsia leaderboard ad for me. Few posts ago, I wrote about Maxis broadband that I just signed up, the next thing there will be a large rectangle ad for Maxis broadband somewhere this month, check it out ya peeps, their connection rockz! And 2 post ago, I participated in the Fridays' competition co-joint with nuffnang, it brought me sudden rush of memories and the next thing, I got noted and expect large rectangle ad from Fridays somewhere around this month.

So sometimes it is not really that bad to share our experiences in the blogosphere, nuffnang altogether had brought all blogs connected to these advertisers. Nuffnang rocks! Nuffnang BOLEH!

Nuffnang also added colors to my blog with their interactive cheerful banners. And best thing, the founder also a personal friend is one down to earth guy who also blogs. (hinting boss stewie to be as featured blogger :P). Friends forever ya!



Kitkat said...

Nuffnang rocks! But problem is their ad pays chicken feet ler.

Jasonmumbles said...

Let the blings blings roll in! :D

keeyit said...

Your boss looks young le..

Boss Stewie said...

Mike.. thank you so much.

You have given us so much credit that it sets the bar higher for us to perform better.

kitkat: Hi Kitkat, our earnings to bloggers often depend on the blog's traffic and/or on the number of clicks on the blog. Note that whatever our Nuffnangers earn this time, whether they have high or low traffic is just for a start. When blog advertising has proven itself as a very viable medium to advertisers, then can we afford to command a higher price and pay out more to bloggers. In the mean time.. thank you for your support.

-Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang

Michael Song said...

kitkat... trust me, blog is the future medium of advertisement... patience mate...

jason... yeah!!!

keeyit... boss is his nick lar dear... u should hav sign up nuffnang too!

boss!!! ur first comment on my space, im so happy leh celebrity like u would really drop a comment here... nuffnang boleh!!!