Monday, April 14, 2008

Action in Macao

People, I arrived in Macao in one piece. And to those who have not been to Venetian. It is blardy huge, beyond my imagination. The hotel is the best I ever stayed. I had just finished my seminar & dinner. I have yet to find time to compile the pictures to update here.

Yesterday when I arrived, basically was just looking around the hotel. They hired mat sallehs to sail around gondola like in the parit besar in Venice. Seriously, if the seminar is not held here, I would not have spend my own money to come here. I am now sitting in my suite with fax machine, wireless, my own living hall to do this post.

This is my second time in Macao, this country is developing in a crazy mode, too fast. You arrived here, you see tons of cranes around the city, sky scrapers mushrooming, branded boutiques all over and it is seriously the one of the fastest growing metropolitan in the world.

It is a short one though, I had to run for shower and rushing to the casino. Their casino put Genting to shame really. If only our government grant another casino license, I am sure the Sands Group people will invest.

Win more! Win more!

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