Thursday, April 03, 2008

LG KF600 : Mikemmery's Review

My fellow forumers, here the special request on the review. Please note that I am not a professional reviewer of a mobile gadget, I am reviewing the unit as a mobile user and this is not an advertorial.

Since I am a user of a full touch screen phone, I have real difficult times to get use to this new interface. LG KF600 is a slider phone, rather innovative of them to embed a partial touch screen on the main LCD. When it is not slide up, the phone shows full wallpaper on both display LCD and touch screen LCD.

When slided up, it reveals a set of touch screen LCD menu and the chess board lookalike keypad. Like any other LG mobile, this runs on a LG sole proprietary OS & UI. Nothing much to shout about on the menu & applications. But one thing which I am impress is that the phonebook memory. A higher end LG Viewty only comes with a 500 entries phonebook memory whereby KF600 comes with a massive 1,000 entries.

Unlike the conventional slider phone, where you have the navigation cursor that tag along with the keypad, navigation made easier with the touchscreen and since LG PRADA, the touchscreen improve hell a lot as it allows both fingers & stylus access to it.

It also supports handwriting recognition for both alphabets & chinese (traditional & simple). It gives a new dimension altogether for messaging and characters input experiences. It supports up to 2GB MicroSD external storage. For detailed specs, please see here.

Now, let's talk a bit bout the camera. It comes with a 3.0MP AF camera, which I believe would be able to take decent picture for a camera phone that is available in the market now. As I am currently using KS20 (2.0MP), I took some pictures using my phone & KF600, let the pictures do the talking ya.

Unlike the pictures of the phone above which was compressed, the following pictures are original, unedited and uncompressed in whatsoever way. Click to enlarge.

Indoor pictures (Atria Shopping Mall 03/04/2008)

KF600, settings: 3.0MP, auto-focus, white balance incandescent

KS20, settings: 2.0MP, auto-focus, white balance indoor

Outdoor pictures (03/02/2008)

KF600, settings: 3.0MP, auto-focus, white balance cloudy (rainy day today!)

KS20, settings: 2.0MP, auto-focus, white balance cloudy

Macro pictures (03/04/2008)

KF600, settings: 3.0MP, auto-focus, white balance cloudy

KS20, settings: 2.0MP, auto-focus, white balance cloudy

All in all, KF600 is a decent phone but for its price, my 2 cents, it will be good if it is a 3G phone. And I believe many experience poor soft MP3 & ringtones playback on LG previous models, but since Shine, it had improved tremendously. Too pricey though, retailing RM1,138 in the market now.

But heck care, I still like my KS20 more :P

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