Wednesday, April 16, 2008

China Girls In Venetian Macao

As of July 2007, the population of China was estimated at 1.3billion people. As much as I understand that China is one of the most advanced country in the world especially when you look at their metropolitan like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen & Beijing. However, I believe among this huge population, there are indeed very poor people there.

We can see China girls everywhere in the world and star studded hotel like Venetian Macao is not spared too. Macao is just separated by Gongbei Gate and it allows easy access for these China girls to cari makan in Macao and I can tell you, Macao is nothing if there is no casino here.

These China girls are eyeing big fishes that may have won a bit more in the casino. How I found out? For the past few days, I had been walking around the largest casino in the world and on the second night I was hanging around till wee hours and there this lanky fair complexion girl walked to me, and blurted a question, "去? 不去?" (meaning go or not go?) - thx maegen for teaching me these words over MSN

As usual, my half past six Mandarin, I was stunned and blur and asked back "去那里? (meaning go where?). The girl looked at me one kind with her face darker than Darth Vader and walked away. Feeling curious, I asked one of my counterpart from Hong Kong who happened to be with me in the 3days seminar the meaning and in the end I know the udang sebalik batu story behind it.

To summarize it all, prostitution in Venetian Macao. And I heard from my counterpart it is not cheap either, HKD1,000/hour. It is like giving away RM500 for an hour. Damn! So easy to earn meh? If one day I go walk around and start to ask to some girls, "去? 不去?"

You think I got business ar?

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