Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Love Hong Kong

Getting to Hong Kong from Macao is easy. You can either take the First Ferry or the Turbo Jet. I took the First Ferry which will stop over the Tsim Tsa Tsui ferry terminal which pretty near to Central Hong Kong.

The ferry service took about 45-60minutes and it cost only about HKD$140 (appx RM70) for one way. The service & seating are much better than the A320 Air Asia, believe it! People greet you with a broad smile and inside there is a large LCD screen to entertain you. If you are hungry, you can buy snacks at the counter at a very affordable price.

Upon reaching Hong Kong China Terminal in the heart of Kowloon, public transportation here I give 7-stars rating, Malaysia is no where near or would I say KL not even 10% near to the standard here in Hong Kong. Although the frontliners in the service industry here cannot really speak a fluent English, but if you know Cantonese or Mandarin, there would not be any problem. What amazed me was, most of the workers here, whether the service frontliners, ticketing staff, cleaners, waiters, waitress, etc, majority are local not like back in our country. I start to fall in love in Hong Kong d, at least no issue on ketuanan Melayu or ketuanan Cina here. As long as you can contribute to this country, you will be treated equally.

In the bus waiting area, you will see this bus route signage, find the destination you want to go, and follow the bus number stated in that signage pole. For my case, I took the bus 215x to the nearest Kowloon MTR station. My sister was on a working day, so I told her I would be fine all by myself, as long as I know where to meet her up.

Again, at the MTR station, things are pretty at ease. At first impression, you will be confused as there are 4-5 different kind of MTR lines here, but as long as you know where you heading to, just follow the signage to your terminal. In my case, I am heading to Tung Chung in Lantau Island.

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong hosting the new international airport, the Disneyland & Ngong Ping 360. My sister stays in Tung Chung, a huge metropolitan. Pretty posh area (do not ask me how much she earns :P)

The ride from Kowloon - Tung Chung via MTR is about 20minutes. And upon reaching Tung Chung terminal, you will arrive in another enormous shopping mall called the CityGate. This area housed all the factory outlets, big brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Polo RL, Esprit, etc got their outlets here.

OK, I will put shopping aside at the moment. Felt blardy hungry at this point as I reached about 2pm here and not been having breakfast & lunch, at this point hungry man is an angry man d. So I head straight to the Food Republic, City Gate. So my first meal in Hong Kong is...

Hainanese Chicken Rice... :) Happy, happy man now. But the cost pretty high HKD$55 (appx RM25) excluding drinks. It came close to HKD$70 with the iced milk tea. No matter where you go in Hong Kong, always order iced milk tea, as nobody in Malaysia can beat them, not the artificial Wong Kok Char Chan Teng or KimGary in Malaysia, they are nothing!

Soon after lunch, it was still early, my sis only can meet me up at about 7-ish, so decided to pimp their local Starbucks. But this Citygate complex unfortunately does not house Starbucks, in substitute to it, it's the Pacific Cafe. They make fantastic latte & chocolate to go! I did not see any Coffee Bean in HK throughout my stay here. Pretty nice place to hang out - why????

Besides the wifi that kept me occupied, do not forget Tung Chung is the metropolitan nearest to the airport, meaning to say, you will see dozens of air stewardess walking around this complex. Now you know why I am not boring ya :P

I will write more the next post ya, it is pretty late now, gotta do my final packing before I am heading back home tomorrow. The post above was on my encounters in HK on the 16/04/08, it had been like my 5th day here already. Be right back on Tuesday with more pictures ya :)


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