Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blacklisted Restaurants

These are the blacklisted restaurants in my list.

I am a person who do not mind paying a bit more for good food with good service. Paddington House of Pancakes used to be one of my favourite joint. However today, I had an unpleasant time at Paddington The Curve. Business nowadays would seek labor option from countries like Laos, Myanmar & Nepal in order to be more cost effective but little do they know it definitely tarnished their image when they place these imported labor as the front-liners. I am not discriminating these work force but to dine in Paddington does not come cheap ok and I expect a better service from these people. They are unable to communicate with me of what I want and what I requested. I demand at least a local supervisor to overseeing them and to minimize the language barrier. Till you improve Paddington, you are in my black list now.

Then another makan place which I also banned is the Old Town White Coffee. Overpriced drink and believe me their cup never seem to be full each & every time I order, to make matter worst, it had since changed from glasses to plastic cups. I was there one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, waited for blardy 30minutes for my nasi lemak ayam rendang, when I enquired, the waitress told me system down. HELLO??? What does your system failure got to do with my food? Don't you guys realize we office workers only got an hour for lunch? And I always felt cheated by your menu.

A better substitute to over publicized Old Town is Pappa Kopitam, the outlet that I always go is the one in Kota Damansara. The food & drinks really put Old Town to shame. Do give it a try and see if you agree with me.

There are indeed a few other restaurants that I blacklisted. In Curve, I will avoid this 2 restaurants, Ah Tuan Ee's Place & Ying Ker Hakka Restaurant. Ah Tuan Ee's is so overpriced and the food is nothing to shout about. I would rather go for Madam Kwan Cuisine and knowing that I will not be charged a bomb.

And Ying Ker Restaurant, you called yourself Hakka restaurant? Excuse me, I am Hakka and I am not easily to get conned. Niamah! Pttuuuiii.....

I am having bad day in office & I had not been having a proper meal the whole day, let me rant.... let me rant...


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