Friday, April 04, 2008

Pak Lah, You Fail To Plan / Plan To Fail?

Almost a month after the GE, the people indeed made the right choice.

In Pakatan Rakyat, good news overshadowed the negative ones. TheStar, I no longer read you and you no longer The People's Paper, you are more like BN's paper.

And our current government, wtf is going on? First you call our Agong animal, now the tomboy called off all MOUs between the new states government & Tourism Ministry. What's next? Kit Siang sikit issue on the Perak MB, TheStar bukan main, all the journalists, editors macam puppet only... Ptuii!!!

UMNO... unrest! The laki fight laki, pompuan fight pompuan. This UMNO general assembly will stage more dramas & sandiwaras. I am very sure of that. Pak Lah still insist that the people chose him, we'll see lah old man. Hopefully Kuli can save UMNO lar.

MCA... Band of brothers... Ka Ting, Ka Chuan... tag team lah tu... now pulak Ka Ting stepped on Uncle Chua SL's tail, mana tak marah? Fight jugak lar! Drama again!

MIC... very quiet lar... but Uncle Sam damn steady, asked to release itu Hindraf detainees, can update his resume ar someone?

GERAKAN... damn low profile lately, thinking to jump ship? Now no more opposition mar, either BN or PR, choose je lar...

Yg lain-lain? No comment lar babe...

Janji gua saman semua waived... thanks Khalid, gua caya sama lu!

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