Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finale in Macao - The Town is Red Now!

Short Note: Typhoon Level 3 was declared in Hong Kong. I am experiencing typhoon, what an experience. My day round the city with my sister was cut short. I just witnessed a big dustbin flew across me. Phew!

We were lucky to be given half day city tour after 2-days of boring informative seminar & roadshow. This is more like a photoblog, many photos ahead, expect a bit of loading time. Macao with a population of 500k, but this tiny island is really wealthy.

We first pimped this world's 10th tallest free-standing tower, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Center.

Up the 58th level, the observation deck, this is a see thru glass panel, I am amazed and at the same time could feel my legs shivered. I never been to the top of KL tower, so I cannot compare who is really better. But one thing I am sure this tower is better than our boleh-land tower is there is bungy jumping available from the 61st floor of this building.

View from the Observation Deck

Then we went to this oldest and most famous temple in Macao. One of the 25 monuments designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We then proceeded for one of the most famous landmark in Macao, the Sao Paulo Cathedral or the ruins of the St. Paul's Cathedral.

Self camwhore, and from this cathedral, we walked towards the Senate Square or Largo do Sonado in Portuguese. This is the most happening place in Macao besides the casino. You see plenty of chio bu hanging around here, many shopping joints and every corner of this area, you will see this....

And many many more of this....

Basically, all these shops are selling the same blardy thing, the portuguese egg tarts and what they so called meat jerky (hope after eating this, won't make us a jerk), they got this pork jerky, beef jerky, sweet jerky, etc... niamah what a jerk!

This is a very very busy square, besides tourists, the locals will hang out around here as well.

You will see famous brand like Giordano, Bossini, EDC and Body Shop here. A very unique feel as the old building were all transformed to carry many big brands. I spotted a fashion boutique using LG air conditioners too :P

You will see a church right in the middle of this square and as you approached the end, you will see the city main hall & a fountain.

It was a very rushing tour ever, and we were then ushered back to Venetian as we had this gala dinner that night, nothing much to shout bout the dinner, I did not take much photos, went back to bed early as it had been a long day for me and my last night in Venetian.

I got to wake up early the next day to check out and continue my journey... just a bit of a teaser...

See you guys tomorrow :)

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