Friday, April 11, 2008

Pak Lah D-Day?

A very long Friday for me today, finally I can go for my seminar at peace. And phew... finally I can really sit down and do my blog reading at some of my favourite socio-political blogs. The mainstream media again fail to live up to its credibility.

Most of the blogs I pimped today were so hot debating on Pak Lah's D-Day. Our flip flop PM is having trouble to gain warm reception at the states he went recently for meeting. My frank opinion is that he should take the whole responsibility for the BN's awful lost. I am 30 years of age this year and frankly as an average Joe who receive average education, I felt that Pak Lah is the worst PM ever for Malaysia.

I am not a pro-Mahathir, some said to me to be fair to Pak Lah, the shits he is going through now were leftover shits from Tun Mahathir's era. Even so, personally I felt Pak Lah awfully let Malaysia down during his last term. His international appearance on interviews, CNN, etc, I felt ashamed as he has a really poor command of English, the way he speaks, his charisma, are no where to be compared to the previous old man.

As a figure who represent the whole Malaysia, he was many times caught sleeping. His private life overshadowed his contribution to the people of Malaysia. If someone is going to start a poll , I am god damn sure many would ask him to step down. As a person who hold so many portfolios in the Cabinet, he can still find time to travel so much, officiating Nasi Kandar shop and honeymooning with his new found love. And he claimed he worked seriously hard and pictures of him hosting posh dinner for Jean Todt and konco-konco potrayed to the people otherwise.

Pak Lah, it is seriously our hard-earned tax payers money you are spending you know? Controlling the mainstream media does not stop us from alternative media. Perhaps you can say bloggers live with their own set of rules but what about the pictures after pictures that appeared, don't you know that there is a saying, 'pictures speak a thousand words?'

The Hindraf issue, god sake, you condemned these 5 men claiming they are a threat to the country. What kind of threats that you are talking about? They have guns? Bombs? Gosh... at times, you really assume that we Malaysian a shallow minded people, you still live in a state of denial that there are many more Malaysians with better integrity & much smarter than you.

Posters after posters about you, I also really felt sorry about you. I felt sorry and pity for you at times as it involved your whole family. At least I do feel sorry k? You? Do you feel sorry for us people? God knows my man.

Gosh, enough said... I cannot wait for my trip to Macao & HK. Hopefully by the time I come back, I can see another massive change in this country.

Good luck Pak Lah & the Putrajaya 4th floor boys.

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