Saturday, April 19, 2008

B2B Commercial Seminar & Roadshow

Short Note: Typhoon Level 1 Red Alert in Hong Kong today (18/04/2008)

My trip to Macao was not all fun like in the previous post. This post will elaborate more on my 2nd & 3rd day in Macao in more details.
The seminar officially started on the 14th April, basically it was a seminar for the internal LG staff and the roadshow was on the next day on the 15th April. I came with a co-worker in my department. Unlike the consumer electronics business, this seminar I attended, stressed on Biz-2-Biz (B2B), more leaning towards commercial or corporate sales. Many would not have know the importance in Malaysia yet but we soon to see a booming as we all know Malaysia is always slow in adapting new stuff.

So what actually is the product we talking about here? It is more on digital signages & TV with hotel mode. In many other more developed countries, fluorescent light advertisement board & neon lights slowly extincting. Welcoming LCD technology into digital signages world. It is amazing to see how software does magic to these screens.

From left to right. The very first large screen of 4 pieces is what we call the video wall. It can go as many screens combinations as you like, imagine 9x9 42" screens across or 1x16 screens horizontally, how impressing it is to onlookers. Fluorescent box & neon lights are so dull & plain and the consumers now are much sophisticated than before, go to Venetian, you will see more LCD screens than any other hotel in the world. The second screen from the left is pivotal 3-sides, one of its kind. Too technical and interested party can always contact me. The third kinda of screen is more towards special stretched screens where it will replace those LEDs signages, or even be used in casinos, many casinos in Vegas already start using this kinda screens.

Besides the digital signages screens, we were introduced to the new hotel mode LCD TVs. With the extension of Visit Malaysia Year 2008, many hotels are doing revamping, who still want to stay in hotels with CRT TVs? LCD is the in thing now.

As these are seminar for distinguished guests from Asia Pacific including Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, there were sharing of ideology on how to improve the business and many success stories all over the world. Anyone interested in these screens in Malaysia, please drop me a mail k.

And for forumers who are following my blog, just a teaser on the LG Voyager phone to be launched in US.

And for those 2-days of seminar & roadshow, my next post will be on a short city tour in Macao. More photos coming along.

Out of topik sikit - I was following on some other political blogs in Malaysia and I got a message to this old man who started blogging sebab pasal BN kalah internet war at the GE-12. Ali Rustam, jangan sekadar nak rakyat komen yg bagus, dan tak terima yg tak bagus, pakai otak sikit kalau nak blog, get your facts right, kalau nak blog, terima lar kritikan juga, penakut macam you, bagus tutup blog site you. Malu oi Melaka! I am a Malaccan you know, though you win, I never regret my vote went the other way. If you guys got no idea what am I ranting about, this Mat Ali wrote about piggy story bashing the new Selangor government, after Malaysiakini found out who spearhead the project, this mamat deleted his post and disabled his comment but kita rakyat bukan bodoh, nak menang undi internet bukan senang mat, check here to read the 300+ bashings from the rakyat before this mamat deleted the post. Hadiah kandang babi tu sebelum ni satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional. BERANI KERANA BENAR!!!

Kandang Babi Thumb Up!

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