Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mikemmery Pimped Venetian, Macao

As many would have know, I was away from town for the past few days. I am now in Hong Kong and will be here for another few more days. I can sense hell awaiting me when I am back in Malaysia as calls flooded in when I am here.

Anyway, put that aside. I reached Macao last Sunday via MAS. My second time to Macao but this time around I will be staying in one of the world's best hotel, The Venetian Macao. I did read KennySia's experience here and I never expect to enjoy such luxury until my company's HQ in Korea held a commercial seminar here.

This hotel has 3,000 rooms & the largest casino in the world. Their smallest room is as per picture below...

I got to say this gotta be one of the best hotel room I stayed in my entire life and it is a little too big for me and how I wish I can be with my loved one here where we gonna enjoy making love all night long in this room. Basically it has all business center services you need, fax machine, card reader, wifi, printing services, blah blah blah... And this is the standard room, I am wondering how other suites would look like. DAMN!

Enough said bout the room. Let me take you guys for a tour around Venetian. Basically Level 1 is the casino, blardy big and obviously I am not allowed to take any picture in this level, much much better than Genting. So let's go level 2 - The Canal Shoppes. In Venetian, the night comes pretty late.

This is how it looks like at 9pm.

These are men-made indoor artificial clouds and it felt like as if you are not in an Asian country, felt like as if you are in Venice. Few hundred shops around selling branded stuff, jewelery, MAC Store, boutiques & food court. There is a canal too, they hired 'guai lous' to ride sampan and sing some opera songs.

And of course for food, you will never find McD or KFC here. The most affordable food around can be found at the food court. On my first day there, I had this beef tenderloin noodles. And the food... hmm... tasteless, sucky! And it costs me about HKD60. But it definitely has a very nice & clean food court. Not all the food is bad though.

A free & easy first day for me and Venetian is so big and I never got to tour all of it. Went to the casino and played the roulette machine. Made a bit on the first day. Happy happy day with happy happy ending :)

I would be super duper happier if Pak Lah resign! :P

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