Friday, April 11, 2008

Lunch Out : Rojak Mamak & Cendol

To me & my lunch kakis in the office, it is always a headache to choose a makan place. As I work near Kelana Jaya, we had tried most of the popular restaurant & hawker centers there. Few days ago, we decided to go to Taman Megah Ming Tien foodcourt.

Along our journey, we always saw this mamak rojak-cum-van-cum-stall. So sick of Ming Tien as most of the stalls there are overrated and the food are simply awful, we decided to give this mamak rojak a try.

Dressed in monkey suits, we sat along the roadside and each & every one of us ordered a mee rojak & cendol. Though a small van stall, it is quite packed during lunch hour.

While sweating & waiting for our order to arrive, I went & kaypoh at the counter, starting to take pictures with my KS20,like I always stress, I blardy proud of the pictures taken by my beloved KS20 or is it my camera skill?

The counter is pretty clean and the sotong looks blardy tempting.

Finally our food arrived.... Hmm...

Not too bad. Pretty yummy but I still prefer the one in Uptown.

KNNCCB, I am putting up this post at 1.30am and I am feeling hungry now. DAMN!

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