Wednesday, April 23, 2008

东涌 , Hong Kong

I have somehow miss HK a lot... blardy a lot... Phew... Back home is not so pleasurable really... My work been piling up and for the past few days since my return, I had been working till late, and by the time I finished, my energy level was so low that I am too tired and not inspired to write any shits here.

Work, work and work and my company sent me away for training again on the 24th-25th... off site full-day training and finally my weekend here back in Melaka, I can finally really sit my fat ass in this comfy sofa to BLOG!!!! ahhhhh.... ok here you go,

"Hujan emas di negara orang, hujan batu di negara sendiri"

These are some very true words, always pleasurable to visit some foreign countries and see how well they managed the country, the people, etc. In Malaysia, we talk about who's country this belongs to, we define Malaysian as bumiputra & non-bumiputra, double standard to own a house, many inequalities, etc.

In Hong Kong, as long as you got the dollar & cents, you will be on the go. On my first night in
东涌 (Tung Chung), waited for my sis as she was at work. I was waiting at this Citygate which housed plenty of branded factory outlets here, Esprit, Benetton, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, to name a few.

By the time she finished her work, we met up and we went for dinner together with another younger brother of mine who happened to be there honeymooning with his gf. We went to this famous Indian restaurant, which a lot of expatriates patronized this place. At the Tung Chung MTR Station, this restaurant has this pick up service to their restaurant.

The restaurant is known as "Curry Corner", and during my journey there by the pick up service, I met and chatted up with 2 gwai lous from Australia who worked as a private jet pilot in Hong Kong. Now you can imagine how many rich & famous in Hong Kong who owned private jets ya :)

This restaurant looked simple but it serves one of the best curry & massala I ever had in my whole life. I would say equivalent to India. The owner was from India anyway.

Without delay, we browsed through the menu and ordered the food as we felt like hungry ghosts. Ordered a few kind of massala & curries - fish, chicken, mutton, beef & potato. Check out the pictures below;

Tempting? I will be going to HK again end of the year.... anyone interested to join me? And I am not very sure whether these few curry & massala dishes we had expensive or not, the bill came at HKD350 (approx RM175) for 4 persons.

After dinner, went back to my sis place, my first time there. You cannot see any bungalows or link houses here in Tung Chung. What you see will be 70 storeys high condominums & apartments.

My sis stayed in one of these condominiums, the Carribean Coast, with the built up of only about 600sq feet and cost about near to a million ringgit. Crazy huh? That's Hong Kong. Though high in density, the security is tight. You will be greeted all day long by professional local staff in monkey suits. My sis stays in 33rd floor, just a short tour around here with a few pictures of the place that I stayed for the 4 nights I had in HK.

Finally a picture of from the house balcony. Warning: few post to come I will still write about my HK travelogy with plenty more pictures.


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