Monday, April 07, 2008

What Happen When You Hit 30

I felt tired, dead tired. As much as I wanna stay young at heart, I can feel that I am no longer the same old me compared to the very first time I worked many years ago. I am tired, felt old and low after 2 consecutive weekends at work and with this coming weekend of PC Fair in KLCC. I got irritated easily, as when you wanna focus a bit more, you will always be interrupted by never-ending calls, SMSes and ad hoc meeting here and there. Even when I am in the midst of writing this post, I am interrupted by no less than 5 calls. I really feel like going on top of a hill and shout KNNBCCB!!!

My work has really taken its toll on me. Mentally I am drained and out of inspiration to write/blog. I really need a breakaway, I really need a rest & a vacation. I am fucking going to pamper myself next week, and nobody will be able to disrupt my holidays.

And I am flying off to Macao for a commercial seminar this Sunday. The bad thing is that I am on work for this Macao trip but the plus point about this trip is that my seminar will be in Venetian Macao. After the seminar I will extend my stay and proceed to Hong Kong, it is gonna be a very much needed one week break for me. Hopefully I will be able to blog.

*phone calls again*.... Ah.... DAMN!!!

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