Monday, March 17, 2008

LG KS20 : Mikemmery's Review

My weekend was rather occupied, and I believe some got a bit sick with too many posted about the Nuffnang PJ Party last Saturday. I did went, but what actually got me so tied up over the weekend was my new gadget, the LG KS20, LG's first Windows Mobile (WM) based phone.

I would say this model is going to give other WM player like HTC a run on their money. Not only the design look a bit of the overpriced LG PRADA but it is one of the most affordable WM-based PDA in the market now. The retail price is RM 1,888.

When I got my phone last weekend, I had been installing applications, actively participating in forums like LowYat.Net & MyPDACafe, as I am still very much a dummy on WM6. As of now, *touchwood* my phone has not fail me yet, it has not 'hang' like many complained about LG phones.

So what is in the box?
- Handset
- Stylus
- Standard Battery
- Charger
- USB Data Cable
- Stereo Hands-free
- Pouch *very plastic, tend to scratch the front screen, looks cheap, should hav come up with PRADA case*
- Manual & CD

As for the specs, please get it here. As for my personal experience, to be frank, not too bad a phone. Tried going online with HSDPA & Wifi, both works fine - the only minus point I found during surfing is that the connection will disconnect if there is an incoming call or the phone is in sleep mode.

Another minus point - the commercial unit does not bundle with Chinese software - meaning writing and reading in Chinese characters is a NO. Need to find 3rd party software. Personally, I still think the phone needs a bit more tweaking, applications do not close properly even when you tap on the 'X' button, so another 3rd party software needed to solve this problem. One more problem I face and I have yet to find the solution is that, when I insert my SIM card into the phone, I cannot seem to copy all SIM contacts to my phone contacts like any other phone which surely come with the function. So at the moment, I just leave my contacts as SIM and I have limited functionality for the contacts as in attaching pictures & ringtones.

Other than these small issues, the camera I believe will be an attention grabber for the moment. And camera wise, it is 2.0MP and it works quite decently. Below are the pictures taken with my KS20 and I have not edit or compress the pictures, do click to enlarge.

Overall, I prefer my KS20 than Viewty which I previously used. And Viewty phone, no doubt it is 5.0MP but depending on environment & situation of the picture taken, too many settings need to be done to get a quality picture.

If you guys are interested in LG KS20, please drop me a mail ya. Last I heard, it ran out of stock. True ar?

ps: this is not an advertorial, if the phone fail me, I sure condemn wan :P

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