Sunday, March 30, 2008

What Happen To Nuffnang Global CPC Ads?

Guys & gals, I noticed lately, I had not been receiving ads even I set to Global-CPC settings. I am just wondering if any other bloggers having the same experience? My 2nd blog also experiencing the same.

And perhaps Nuffnang can get someone to be active in famous forum like, there is a discussion thread about Nuffnang vs Advertlets. Hope that I will get some ads soon.

And for LG KS20 enthusiasts, I had been having difficulties looking for a screen protector to protect my finger print magnet KS20, I found one compatible in this site. Wondering anyone had actually tried applying it? Need some advice.

Beautiful Sunday, the Devils is a step closer to be crowned the EPL champion. See you on Monday guys!

1 comment:

penangtuapui said...

ya.. i dun have my one either.... kek sim.. seems like nuffnang is facing issue to get enough ads to feed us ... :P