Monday, July 07, 2008

All Blogs 100 Days @ Blog House

The Alliance of Bloggers' 100 Days night was all fun. There are reasons why I prefer this gathering rather than the animal nuffnang party. One of them is that there is no obligation to write any post like most of the events nuffnang organizes these days all nuffnang gathering that I attended, I had never written anything before, all due to invitation extension to me. And being actively a reader for political blogs, it always feels good to meet people who I regard them as "heroes" of Malaysia. Pretty relax and these bloggers who are fighting for a better Malaysia are all really nice bunch and do not have the tag of "celebrity bloggers" like most nuffnang party fills with.

Tony Yew is kind enough to extend his invitation to me, although I am also working for LG (LG is one of the sponsors for the event), so I am attending as one of the bloggers. Cool lad with good auction skills.

The star of the night was none other than RPK himself, this is my second meeting with him, the first was at a ceramah before the GE. He is always charismatic as usual and down to earth. In fact, that particular day, he came immediately to the Blog House after spending hours at the Sentul police station.

Thanks to the sponsors of the night, LG contributed 4 phones in total. 3 phones were given out as lucky draw prizes that night and the other additional phone will be a SECRET. Go check out other political blogs to figure out how to win this additional phone. Picture below is KS Park (Senior Product Manager for LG) & the famous Uncle Rocky.

With all the petrol price hike, we surely need this. Kind contribution by AirAsia, trips to Bali damn, I need a getaway!!!. Picture below AirAsia GM Aziz Bakar with Rocky.

I did not took many pictures myself though. Managed to get one with Uncle Bernard & TV Smith. And also not forgetting the MP for Kelana Jaya, YB Loh Gwo Burne & his brother Gordon.

Oh ya, Josh Lim was there too. Well, there maybe a thing or two disagreement between us but that night we had fun right Josh? No hard feelings mate. And Boss Stewie was not seen which is rather weird as Jeff & AirAsia were there. And picture below Kerp with LG Marketing Exec Nicole & LG promoter.

And the only MP from BN, Jerlun YB Mukhriz Mahathir, he definitely made the difference. But the night is unique, as per RPK say, the night at Blog House, everyone comes together discarding their (political) differences.

Other prominent bloggers who were there last night - Nuraina @ 3540 Jln Sudin, Malik @ Disquiet, YB Jeff Ooi, BigDog, Haris @ People's Parliament, YB Ronnie Liu & apology if anyone that I miss out. Oh ya, a big celebrity joined us too. For more pictures do pimp Jinggo.

Thanks to all the sponsors for prizes though I win no shit. It was definitely a very nice outing though some did not, I don't know why. And after Blog House, I went to another LG event at Maison Heritage Row, more pictures tomorrow.


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