Monday, July 28, 2008

My Salami Continues...

Hello peeps! My weekend was pretty hectic, got no time to update as much as I want to. Took a few pictures during my weekend at Melaka.

Remember my previous post about Salami? This is the continuation from the previous post, I received an email from my ex-colleague who insisted me to correct the previous post and insisted me to publish the contents of his email. This post is purely copied from the email. This is seriously a post with a lot of explicit words which will not be suitable for juniors. Here is how the email sounded like this...

"Braler, I do not know if salami equals our happy stick, dependent on who is saying it, I believe female’s ‘male-docking-station’ can also be refered to as

1. Mei Mei
2. Camel Toe
3. Puh Kee
4. Hai (pronounce in Cantonese)
5. Ch**bai / Ch**pet
6. Pet Pet
7. See Ham (cockles)
8. Pau Yue (abalone)
9. Clams
10. Pussy

Cheerio Nachio,


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