Monday, July 21, 2008

Crossroad @ 30

It's not my birthday as yet. Attended my colleague's wedding dinner last night. He is 32 and it was a grand & beautiful night. And many asked when it will be my turn. I have plan. You know everyone got his/her plan, just the matter whether the plan will come true or not. I need to focus more on what I am good at for the current moment, with the economy turmoil that we are facing now, it needs even a greater effort to work extraordinary hard for survival.

For the past 2 years being single, it had been really tough time to pick up my bits & pieces here and there but it is a good challenging time. I learned the hardship and people who are close with me can see the lousiest time of my life. This 2 years also, I had built up my network from all people regardless of industries & backgrounds, met really nice & beautiful people around.

A breakthrough needed - hopefully the breakthrough will come through :)

OK, a good rejuvenating Monday for me today. Am on leave, forcing myself to clear leaves accumulated since last year. Come tomorrow, I will be on a very heavy schedule.

I am going for Dark Knight later midnight show with my buddies.

OK, just babbling here.

Have a good day ahead!

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