Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Love Is Friendship In Fire

I am a strong believer of love. Since the day I broke up with my ex-gf about 2 years ago, I thought I would never have faith in love until six months ago. Six months ago, what thought to be a long long friendship with the opposite sex had been transformed into love. It is true enough the saying love is friendship in fire. I never though I will find love again. Well... we had not been officially announce anything as yet to our family & friends due to both of our work commitments. If everything goes well, my readers will know what to expect.

With the finding of my last few pieces of jigsaw, I can now put more effort into my career and guess what, I go for sports too now. With my buddy, now I play badminton every Wednesday for 2 hours. It felt good to sweat since I had not been burning fats in my body. Everyone knows how much I had put on weight.

After badminton, went dinner with my buddy and went to see 'her' in her office. She had been working a lot of late nights lately. Hope she is all well and finally get her project signed off soonest possible. After that, while on my way home about 10.30PM, saw this medium size lorry selling durians outside my house. All of sudden I got this craving for the king of fruits. Went and bought 2 kilos and now here I am blogging about my day after enjoying the durians.

What a happy happy day minus the political thingy in Malaysia.

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