Wednesday, July 09, 2008

PROTES - Will This Work?

The day after the All Blogs 100 Days party, I went to the PROTES rally at Stadium Kelana Jaya which is next to my office building on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Having the priviledge to get a good car park as a season parking holder for Brem Tower, Kelana Jaya. The picture above was taken from the carpark of my office.

PROTES was organized to protest on the petrol price hike and the foundation targeted to gather about a million Malaysians for the rally. Though the turnout was not up to the expectation, I beg to differ with our DPM who said the rally was a failure. Enough of all comments on the media. I was there, and we were there for a reason, a reason all Malaysians will benefit.

Reached there about 1PM, the scene looks like any normal football match day with stalls selling food & drinks. Instead of state jerseys & shirts, the peddlers were selling PROTES red shirts, badges, stickers & head bands.

The event was really peaceful, we were entertained with Chinese lion dances, some cultural performance by the Indian community like below. A beautiful sajak session. The Sunday was overall a beautiful one until one of the underground punk band did their performance. Some obscenities pursuit and there were minor fights occured (trust me, it was really minor, I had seen worst!). The organizer managed to calm the crowd and the rally was continued as usual. The BN owned medias are seriously bias when comes to reporting on Oppossition events, even the news I heard this morning over Mix.FM, they still humping on this small glitches that happened on that rally. When can the media be more free? I am wondering.

In the stadium, I met Uncle Zorro and sat next to him, we chatted a bit not too much on political issues but on our daily life (work, personal, children, etc). He certainly a very much respected figure to me, fighting for a better Malaysia tomorrow for the sake of our fellow Malaysians.

Giant banners coloured the whole stadium. I think the mission is pretty simple, this is what we want and we want to be heard. We Malaysians buy our own car, our own house, put in our own petrol at our own cost unlike Ministers who are chauferred around by drivers, free cars, free petrol, free official houses and being highly paid with allowances. You know, if I have huge salary with huge allowances, I will not need to come here right? That is logic. Mr. Ministers, do you have a heart for the people? For the rakyat?

Not many police were seen that day. But suspected some secret or intelligent agents standing on top of Glomac building. I heard some say that there were attempts to jam the mobile network around the Kelana Jaya area (am not sure whether it's true or not, all my SMSes managed to go through though). Choppers seen surveilling the area as well.

The crowd that night was at the best listening to main speaker of the night. I am not sure of the total turnout, my 2 cents, approximately 20-30k that night.

What's next? I am not sure as well. There is no logic in what our current federal government executed for the past 100 days. No common sense at all. I do hope that Pak Lah & Najib will be brave enough to debate all these rakyat's sufferings come this July 15th. Please tell us the truth. Please enlighten us.



Vincent said...

No doubt sleepy Uncle Lah would not reduce petrol price, and neither protes or whatever tes will not change their mind.

I think the main purpose of this protes campaign is to make those useless BN government to see, feel and know that people can change things, and that they want their voice heard.

BN has been in comfort zone for far too long to realise that, especially the last 4 yrs since Bodohwi took over.

He always said something great, and do things completely opposite the very next day! What kind of leadership is this? Can we still trust him?

If BN still don't learn this I'm sure without all this tes-es around, they will crumble very soon too because people/public are generally smarter and more knowledgable than previous.

Take care

Michael Song said...

thanks vincent... well said...