Friday, July 04, 2008

ButtFuck Yes or ButtFuck No

With yet another SD, it seems that anal sex is the in thing now. It is as if there is promotion & marketing campaign for butt fucking. Now, who buttfuck who?

Anyone tried butt fucking before?

ps: can't seem to access Malaysia Today, what happened?


Antares said...

I've yet to buttfuck a guy, but buttfucking women is a pleasurable alternative to conventional birth control methods. Only problem is, only one woman in ten will consent to being buttfucked - which means you have to date a whole bunch just to find a willing accomplice (guess that's why Najib told his pal Baginda that Altantuya was partial to anal sex - it was an added incentive for him to take her off his grubby hands).

Have you seen Part Two of yesterday's sensational press conference at PKR headquarters?

Michael Song said...

hey antares... no cinema movies this month can beat the theatrical drama we r witnessing in malaysia... of cos i had seen the part 2 of the balaPUSING PC... let's enjoy the drama mate!