Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can We Have More DSAI & RPK In The Country?

First, it was Anwar. Then it was RPK. The government is fully utilizing its machineries to clamp down this 2 icons of Malaysia. These 2 icons stressed again & again, "LAWAN TETAP LAWAN!"

Let's look at the what happened this week.

  1. DSAI was served court order to stay away from parliament, to be exact to stay away 5km radius from the parliament, basically it is asking DSAI to be under house arrest as his residence is near to the parliament.
  2. DSAI agreed to give his statement at IPK 2PM but was arrested an hour before the timeline at his house with more than a dozen of police vehicles with police in balaclavas (if you play counterstrike, you will know what is it)
  3. DSAI cooperated, was even stripped naked and got his private part measured. He slept on the cement slab in IPK.
  4. Immediately DSAI was released on bail, RPK's turn to be arrested and charged under criminal defamation.
  5. Roadblocks in 22 hotspots to ensure public safety (fucking shit, I was late for work for god sake - 20 of my other colleagues were late that day)
  6. Botak in yesterday Star paper said "Syed Hamid: Anwar need not fear giving sample". This botak is trying to influence an ongoing investigation but no action so far against botak. (DNA samples during the 1998 case was too old? Sekolah hutan mana you keluar botak? DNA cannot be manipulated BUT can be planted, see the reason why now? Duh... botak)
  7. Private investigator, Bala & nephew's lawyers were called to police station for questioning. (now polis nak takut takutkan lawyers pulak tu, polis tak tau apa tu professionalism kah?)
  8. The Oil Debate - So what? We know who won, who is more intellectual and who is from the jungle school but so what?
Government is using its media, its police force, its judiciary system against 2 icons who got the rakyat behind them. We got YouTube, Blogger, Google all behind us.


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acura said...

It's sad how the Gov use all their might to try & crush those two. Hopefully they will be fine & the truth will prevail