Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why So Serious?

Went for midnight show for The Dark Knight last night. It is indeed the best Batman movies ever and the best movie I had watched this year. The details and the storyline are simply superb.

However, Batman's role was overshadowed by Heath Ledger playing the Joker. I do think Heath deserves an Oscar for his role in the movie. He however passed away due to some overdose complications.

Unlike many other superheroes movies where most of the bad guys conclusion we have very much expected it to be, but Joker is so unpredictable, as if you wanting for more and more and more to come from him. And it just felt good that this 2 guys fighting each other without much usage of supernatural power or whatsoever, it is so much of strategy and something like in the Chinese movie Infernal Affairs where in the end you do not know what is coming, who is bad and who is good, that kind of suspense.

"You know why I got this scars?" asked Joker. His voice, his laughters. Seldom in a movie you will see the villain overshadow the hero. This is one of them. And I really do not mind for a second watch. Anyone?

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hyperX said...

From not interested to wanting to watch it right now. People around me just praising this movie again and again. And now I wonder how great it is. Time to quit my job and watch it soon.