Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Debate: Anwar Won But So What?

I witnessed the debate between the two politician themselves. Strawberry was grilled, in my eyes he is not in the same league as Anwar. There were clappings for Strawberry though but in my very frank opinion, this shown and clearly indicated from what jungle school these people were from.

Anwar was only in his first gear, Strawberry just does not match the qualities of a MP, if with his knowledge and way of conversing and debating, I think I can be a better MP than him. Stuttering most of the time speak with mouthful of saliva, he failed miserably to stick to the topic, prefer personal attack. Gosh, he lost the debate even in the first round already.

So, Anwar won hands down, but so what? Government will still use all its machineries to nail him down. As expected he is currently arrested. Like I said, what will happen to Strawberry now? Will the fella really resign? No, with this governence, we will not see anything, we will not see change or whatever. Those BN punks are so arrogant. All BN did does not make any human sense at all. Flip-flopping seems to be the trend. Police, A-G, media all pro-BN, what are left for us to do next?

Malaysians do not like to walk the street, demo or rally or whatsoever, never. We were warned, some are afraid, we are like a puppet to this dirty governence. They say sit, most will sit, stand most will stand. Things will change soon, but how? Is BN testing the people's patience? Can the Vendetta really happen in this country? Or we still better sit in our own comfort zone, be quiet, stop critisizing as long as we can find enough to feed ourselves?

Do the government really want to test the People's Power? And my concern here is, does everyone have the same courage & same faith as me?


See the videos of the debate here.

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phingy said...

i agree with you. enough is enough.

i'm so sick of the abuse of police power. they say that malaysia is not a police state, but i beg to difer.

why was anwar arrested when the arrest was supposed to be made had he did not turn up the 2nd time. looks like they did not give him a chance to do so.

utter bullshit.

as for rpk, why is he charged over the SD, it has not been proven yet, that rosmah was in fact, not involved.

just because the PM believes she's not involves, it does not mean its the truth.