Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The LG Secret

Those who went for the All Blogs 100 Days event were given a 1GB thumb drive courtesy from LG. I plugged it in, and by default it has some folders with LG latest line-up for their mobile. Some lucky chick won the above pictured phone.

Not to say I am working in LG and I am praising and writing this, in fact, I am not even paid to do this posting. My 2 cents, LG phones improve a lot since the very first launch of their Black Label Series, the Chocolate.

I still regard them as accessories phone catering for yuppies who are trendy and fashion conscious.

The latest phone, The Secret, amazingly come with a 5MP touch media & shockingly with carbon fiber back casing. I have yet to lay my hand on the phone as yet and if any of the LG Mobile team who are reading this post can be kind enough to lend me a phone for review, I will be happy to do so
no worries, I am not as big as Kenny or Jeff, so it will be free :P

I shall be back with posting on my participation in PROTES next!

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