Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Black Week

I thought I can write about the movie I watched last night over a post for a Saturday but it is very heartbreaking reading some of the postings that I subscribed to. At times, many felt lucky as Malaysia is a free from natural disasters, volcanoes, earthquakes, typhoon, etc. But Malaysia is somehow had been a sad country itself caused by man made disasters.

I am practically reproducing what I read, see over the postings, I believe this will not be in detail in the mainstream paper.

Aina at most right

Aina, a 17-years old girl. She was 7-years of age when his dad was detained under the cruel ISA. For freaking 7-years, Aina's dad was detained without trial. He can be guilty or innocent in a layman common sense, but this ISA thingy said as long as the government felt that you are a threat to the country, you can be detained under ISA without trial. This is really cruel, innit? You, me, anybody who the ruling authorities felt that you are a threat to the country, they will detain you under ISA.

Summary, the heartbreaking part - Aina was somehow not well, admitted to the hospital and fighting for her life on the 2nd July 2008. Her family immediately informed authorities in Kamunting (ISA detention center) to allow Shahrial (Aina's dad) to be with her for the last time. However, Shahrial was only informed on the 3rd July 2008. Doctors diagnosed and told Aina's mom that Aina had only few hours of life left. Aina's mother made a personal appeal to Kamunting detention center, they are not allowed to release anybody without Syed Hamid's signature. By the time Shahrial was released, Aina had already passed away. It's painful to write this like any other bloggers, it's really painful.

Syed Hamid, God Bless You.

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RIP Aina.

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