Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr M

I think this guy is rather special, at least the day I was born till now, he is at least the most respected politician (minus whatever negative remarks poured on him). He is 83 years old today and at he blogs too. He had made us proud in many ways, in the eyes of the world, people recognize Malaysia today because of his works where now people around the world recognize us Malaysia as something else.

Well, I am not going to pollute my this post naming some other names here.

Thanks Dr M for the past few decades. Happy birthday and may you always be in the pink of health.

Dr M blogs here.


Mr.Right said...

I dont think today is Dr.M birthday. Check with wikipedia.

"Mahathir was born on December 20, 1925, in Alor Star, the capital of the northern state of Kedah...."

oOFooi said...

I'm not sure when is Dr. M birthday. What I know Wikipedia information is also came from ordinary people who posted.

Anyway, Dr. M is certainly one of the great PM of M'sia. He leds the country to next level.

Michael Song said...

mr.right, im sure today is Tun's birthday, check it out at

oofooi, ya, he is the best PM so far...