Saturday, July 05, 2008

All Blogs 100 Days & Nuffnang New Poll

I will be attending the above event tonight @ Blog House , No. 66 Lorong Setiabestari 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490 KL. If any of you bloggers & readers there, do say hello ya. Event details here.

In between, I also started a new poll thanks to the nuffnang widget. I started the poll not because I want to defame anyone, just to listen how other Malaysians or foreigners who are reading mikemmery feels. Do participate.

Personally I am a bit tired of all this uncertainties happening in this country, with all the buttfucking news flaming around, tired & disgusted. It had come to a point that the word "Malaysia" becoming the laughing stock of the world because of this.

I have a sister who is residing in Hong Kong, I have Malaysian buddies who work in Singapore, Japan, The States & England. None of these wise buddies of mine have a second thought to come back Malaysia. Frankly, our country is not that bad after all, really. Looking around, people of different cultures, races & religions, we can sit together and watch football at mamak, we are a harmonious bunch. But with the worsening economy state and people have less disposable income to spend, it makes the people restless & felt like living in a pressure cooker.

Myself, I have a decent lifestyle but I do feel the pinch very much with all the hikes and policies by our current administrator. I look at other countries, human rights are so great, people can speak, choose, practice without fear. Here, we do not have that privilege. Only bloggers dare to speak out, even that we bloggers also at risk of being arrested, caged, with laptop seized. These are all the fears. My parents, my family, my close buddies advised me to tone down the way of my political posts in this blog but frankly I am not political incline to BN or PKR, but I am more towards to those who can get things done. Not everyone can be politician, those who can must live up to that pressure and people's expectation.

It's a joke at times, for example our Prime Minister, I am wondering how can he stands side by side with other PMs from other countries with his rotten English, with his images caught sleeping, with him honeymooning with his wife, with him officiating Nasi Kandar shop while the people in Johor experienced the worst flood ever. All this are not mere gossips to smear his name, all this are supported with facts & pictures. I am ashame not because I am Malaysian, I am ashame because I have such a PM who always lie to his people which is us the "rakyat"

Enough said, I shall be equipped with my camera for BlogHouse later.

Have a great weekend!

Updates: In between, I will be joining the PROTES rally tomorrow (05/07/2008; 10AM) at Stadium Kelana Jaya. For the betterment of Malaysia, let's join.

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