Friday, July 11, 2008

Are You Still Confident With The PM?

Pak Lah announced that he will step down as PM of Malaysia in 2010 and no contest for the top two post in UMNO during the perhimpunan agung end of this year.

4 months plus after he retained his power, 5 years since 2003, what had Malaysia becoming? Can we afford to wait another 2 years after all his flips-flops? What if by 2010, he changes his mind? I personally want him & his regime down. He does not even have balls to debate with DSAI this 15th July 2008 on ways how to manage the world petrol price hike (poor Shabery).

4 months plus, Pakatan Rakyat had shown us some enlightenment. I fully support in this call of no confidence motion on our Flip-Flop PM.

Are you with me?

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