Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Have A Secret

This is a secret which I had kept from my family for 8 years. And why I chose to reveal it now knowing the fact that my parents read my blog as well is because today is the final day of "I Have A Secret Blogger Contest" sponsored by LG in conjunction of the newly launched LG Secret Mobile Phone.

Well, revealing a secret of 8 years, I believe it is worth it if my secret post is shortlisted as one of the best secret and eventually I can win an LG Secret phone.

Ok, the secret is - I have body arts on my body. Coming from a rather conservative family background, knowing it perhaps will make my parents jumpy about this, I had hid this from them ever since I got my first tattoo in 1999.

It had become a norm of me not to swim or going topless when I am with my family and with this secret revealed, I hope I can be free as well, taking off my top as of when and where I want.

The picture below is my first tattoo - it is of Japanese Koi fishes, 2 of them to be exact. I am a feng shui believer and it is one my left arm.

And trust me, tattoo is rather addictive, a year after getting my first ink, I got my second one. A rather old school design, an heart with banner bearing "Mom & Dad", without them who am I anyway?

My last piece is right at my back. It is a tribal colored sun. Did I mention that I am a strong feng shui believer? Hoping it will bring shine to my life.

All in all, I have 3 pieces. I plan to get more when I decided of the design I want to ink on my body. I had also made my deposit at Borneo Ink to get the traditional Iban "Bunga Terung" on my top front shoulder on both sides.

Mom & Dad, do not get shock with this post ya. I want to win the phone. And this does not mean I am somewhat involved in some triad gang or whatsoever. It is plainly an art.

Pretty busy day ahead. May this post win a phone!



Brenda Ang said...

Hey, you're right. Tattoo-ing is addictive! It really is, try explaining it to those who didn't have one, lol.. And *ahem*, that's kinda like my secret too! I tried to hide it from them for like, three years? I hide it from all my friends too.. Haha, only close pals knows it :P And yea, I'm going to get another, and maybe another and another, haha. We'll see :P

Michael Song said...

hi brenda... couldnt agree wif u more... let's get our body inked!