Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Man Became Alive Again

Today marked the 3rd birthday of MikeMmery. This site had been faithfully listening to me for the past 3 years. It must be tiring for the her listening to my ups & downs, my joy & sadness and of late been the space that I ranted out my political views in the country.

When I started blogging, there were only 2 incidents when I was forced to remove a particular post. First it was last year when I rant & question about a colleague's capabilities & contributions to the company. I was given a show cause letter by my company and was asked to remove the post immediately. It is not a nice feeling to write what's in your heart and forced to remove it then. Anyway, I now understand that not everyone can tolerate constructive criticisms.

The second incident was about 2 days ago. Many who have been following my blog would assume that I am seeing somebody after my last relationship. I had been discreetly sharing my happiness through here but not as in depth. 2 days ago, it was this anniversary that I felt had a significant impact on my life, I blogged about my happiness only to be asked to remove the post hours later. It was again not a nice feeling that I have to endure for the past 2 days thinking of what I had done wrong. It is not as if I am having a secret affair with some married women or so. The past 2 days been terrible for me. I was given the ultimatum to keep it as low profile as possible which I think I did a good job. Statements after statements from her, it does not sound logical and very inconsistent, I just felt that she is not as ready as I am.

Today, the birthday of MikeMmery, the man himself became alive again. I am very much a single, I felt that I did tried my very best to please my girl and when she asked for a split, I thought, it is not easy for me to make that call and if the girl can make such call without processing it with the sane mind, then I believe the journey should end. Through this one month journey with her, I had walked so far ahead of her where she is finding hard to keep up with my pace, then perhaps I will wait at the next nearest oasis to wait for her to catch up with me.

Today, also all men on earth become alive. EPL is back. I am going to jazz bar tonight with someone. Hmm... whether I am sad or not... hmm... not as in drop dead sad but I start to lose a bit of fate in love, a little tired and it's about time to focus what I am good at. I am hitting the crossroad of 30 this year, of course seeing couples, seeing my friends got married and having kids, I do felt something. I want to have such ending as well but God has not send someone that has the same kind of chemistry as I am.

Happy Birthday MikeMmery. Fellow readers, play the video below, sing along the song for my blog k. Love you all!

ps: brother coldcube, I tried hard, I failed.

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