Saturday, August 23, 2008

From Sodomizing To Swearing

Why would the country not go into distress? First it was the ass-poking, ass-poking between 2 men, then ass-poking between a man & a Mongolian. After all this ass-poking dramas, we now see swearing.

"I swear he ass-poked me!"
"I swear I don't know a Mongolian & I don't ass poke her"

This overshadowed Dollah's attempt to win the rakyat's heart by dropping the petrol price to a mere 15cents. Swearing seems the in-thing now. What a good example shown by leaders. At the same time, in English, swearing also mean cursing/screwing for that matter.

What a dramatic week it is! Yet another SD from Pete (you are my man). Talking about SD, now does anyone knows what happen to Balasubramaniam & his family???

Enjoy your Saturday peeps!!!

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