Monday, August 18, 2008

Injured Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The tiger was injured badly last night. It was crouching all the way with the hidden dragon behind whacked the tiger's ass nicely. Yes, it was the breakfast topic this morning among my colleagues. All of us are practically disappointed. Disappointed not because of us getting just a silver, disappointed mainly because Lee Chong Wei failed to give at least a fight.

Report stated that the Tiger was under tremendous pressure. Come on Lee, the odds are against you, what pressure you faced? Lin Dan is No. 1, while you are No. 2, and it's Lin Dan's home ground that you were playing. We all understand the odds. Even the local bookie open the odds at 100-66 betting on Lin Dan. Meaning every RM100 bet on Lin Dan, you only win RM66 and if you bet RM100 on Lee CW, if you lose, you only lose RM75. Clearly Lin Dan is the favorite. By the time the second set when Lin Dan was leading 8-0, the odd was if you bet RM100 on Lin Dan, you will only win RM8.

Oh is it the RM1 million rewards another factor that caused all this? Now also not bad right? RM300k in pocket plus additional RM3k every month.

Arrghh... the Tiger is just so bad in sports. Offering saliva drooling rewards will it do good to our country sports? Might as well use those budget, hook up some Chinese players to migrate to Malaysia like what Singapore & South Korea did. Doink!

Ok, enough about Olympic as now it's totally bungkus for Malaysia. A few kind peeps called, SMSed and MSNed to check if I am alright or not, thanks peeps. I am fine. To few people who are curious, as of now I am single, I have no relationship with anyone right now or with anyone who are not ready to be in a relationship yet.

However, I had a crush. A heavy crush indeed. I am indeed in love again. I think Guo JingJing will not mind I post this in my blog ya. Love you Jing Jing.



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