Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh - The Verdict

UPDATES (6.10PM): It was reported that Dollah the sleepyhead flew back to Kuala Lumpur from Penang. Is Dollah accepting the fact that he is losing and there will be no celebration later in BN camp? Poll results expected to be announced at 8PM tonight.

UPDATES (5.38PM): Statistics - Anwar won 61% of vote based on PKR exit polls. If 80% of registered voters in PP turnout, it means that Anwar gained 28,000 votes compared to Arif 18,000 votes. Source: Malaysiakini

A friend msg saying DSAI won with majority more than 10,000 votes. I cannot assure about the fact but this friend has connection with the media ;)

Many political bloggers blogged live on this. Voting just ended at 5PM. According to
Malaysian Insider, votes are not tallied yet but phantom voters and police reports of violence have been. Opposition claims at least five buses of phantom voters while Botak Minister has called this by-election the most violent in our history with 70 police reports made since the Aug 16 nomination day.

Violence? Hmm... Hopefully some good news, a win is expected for Anwar, the matter is how big the margin is. Datuk Seri Wan Azizah won with a majority of 13,000 during the last 8th March political tsunami.

Stay tune, hopefully I can update on the verdict. Blogging live now at Starbucks, Kota Damansara. As at 5.15PM, a fellow friend sent an MSN message, "Anwar won the by-election", will confirm on this later.

On a separate note, have any Maxis users experiencing network problem yesterday? Called up Maxis customer service, was told that the whole of Selangor may experience the problem. My phone was out for at least an hour last evening.


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Anonymous said...

There have been several accounts of buses of phantom voters, but will someone for the love of Zohan please use their fucking camera phones, take a fucking video and put it online?

This is the era of RM500 phones with 2.0 MP cameras with video and the era of the all-conquering youTube, for Zohan's sake.

Motherfuckers. You want to kick the bastards in the balls or not? Make use of your goddamn phone and take some goddamned video for proof.