Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SMS Exchange With My Ex

This morning I received an SMS from an unfamiliar number. The SMS exchanges sounded like this,

Ex: Michael ;) u 4got to wish me happy birthday :) my birthday 2day
Me: Sorry. I lost my phone (lame excuse) so i lost all contacts. Who is this?
Ex: ur ex-gf Venus (not real name)
Me: Ohhhhhh. Sorry, my mistake. Happy birthday.
Ex: is ok. every yr also i remind u 2 wish me
Me: Aiya. Small thing mar. U also got bf d wat, he wish u can d lor.
Ex: darling :) even me have bf d :) u still can wish me :) if u have gf me also still wish u! U my ex!
Me: Ok.
Ex: even me wanna find u, also scare u dont want go out wif me :(
Me: I busy mar
Ex: is not a reason k

Then I did not reply d. Hope she had a great birthday. It is my fault to be ignorant about her birthday? I do not think so right?

Self promote: I am a good guy, my ex-es still call me once in a while. And my current special one knows this well (muka tak tau malu)


1 comment:

Albert Yap said...

bro...may I know which Ex is this? M?? P?? Horse?? or Lang(24) ??