Friday, August 15, 2008

Strictly Personal

It's really good to hear your voice once again especially when I needed the most, but the updates exchanged we had last night somehow I am still thinking of it. I do not know why but perhaps I had many fond memories about Auntie 7 plus I knew her family in person.

I am not sure my prayer will be answered or not but I do hope for the best for her and her family. Or God loves her enough to have her closer to Him. Let's be strong and pray.

Forgot to update you about my family though. Mom, Dad & siblings are fine. Grandma is busy taking care about Grandpa. Grandpa is old, went in & out of hospital this year a few times. When I said no one asked about you, it did not trigger me at that point but only my family asked about your well-being.

Let's catch up for a drink when both of us are not that occupied. Regards to all in your family and not forgetting too Uncle ya and I miss the kids badly.

ps: And the previous post controversy, thanks for all well-wishers, I am glad people who read my blog gave me kind words & encouragement. I am a person who can easily be pleased, a nice word, hug will make my day. Thanks again!

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