Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pictures You Do Not See On Local Media

Talking about free media, I am very God-damn-sure that you do not see this in the local mainstream media. Open up the paper this week, headings against the Opposition spreaded all over, NST, The Star, Utusan, you name it. PKR Youth whacked journalists, PKR Youth Samseng lah.

Before that, check out the pictures courtesy of Uncle Zorro.

OK. OK. Sometimes we guys tend to be naughty. But wait a moment, BN UMNO girls so called Puteri are naughty too :)

So bloggers are liars huh? Hmm... botak, botak...

And on separate note, congratulations to all passes winners for the Levi's Unbuttoned Launch Party specially for MikeMmery readers. Thanks to kind personnel from Levi's who also blog for the passes. All winners will receive their passes via courier service tomorrow.

Enjoy the party peeps!

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