Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am back from dinner, sitting in the cosy Kota Damansara Starbucks sipping my cafe latte, smiling, felt good with the victory. Truth will prevail. We put the People's Power into practice. Makkal Sakthi!!!

Just like Pakatan Rakyat poster, we see hope. Big or small or even a glimpse of hope, it definitely the best gift to the country in conjunction of her 51st birthday. Merdeka!!! Merdeka!!! Merdeka!!!

Not just an ordinary win. A win with majority bigger than the 8th March political tsunami. People had enough of Dollah & his chronies. I was having a drink with a friend with accounting background working for KPMG, he said he is worried Anwar's win will vent foreign investors into the country, economy instability. Well my friend, in the first place, who called Anwar an American agent, British agent, Turkey agent, Chinese agent, etc. Giving the benefit of the doubt, can we also label Anwar as the foreign investor agent as well? And on economy instability, look at any ministers in our Cabinet right now, any of them with some economy sense with the country recording the all time high 8.5% inflation?

I am not sure what Anwar can do but I have faith in the changes he is bringing in. This changes are very much needed not for Malay, Chinese, Indian or any minority etnic of the country but this changes will do good for BANGSA RAKYAT MALAYSIA. I do not want to be Malaysia Chinese, I want to be know as Malaysia Malaysian.

Now the country is not in distress, the Malaysian flag for this week will definitely fly high and who is distress now? The rakyat buried BN & UMNO alive.

Still awaiting the final majority. Pity the Chinese speaking Arif for being UMNO's scapegoat. Let's celebrate!!!

UPDATES (10.21PM): Anwar won with a landslide win with a majority of 15,671 votes.

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Anonymous said...

Can Gerakan, MCA & MIC continue to ignore the sinking BN ship?