Saturday, August 30, 2008

Secret To Shit Better

Ahh... It's heaven to be back home. Mom will cook my favorite dishes and nothing beats home cooked food. And referring to my post title today, I cannot help but to share this little secret with you. Some of my friends complained having problem shitting, so much so to resolving taking supplement just to shit.

Though I never have problem going to toilet, I found a very good natural way to shit better. The secret is Petai. Petai or Parkia speciosa, is popular among Malaysia, one of the famous dish is Sambal Petai, it can be cooked together with anchovies, prawns, squids or my favorite Sambal Petai with Pork.

Why is Petai good for you? Though it smelt a bit like methane gas, it contains 3 natural sugars: sucrose, fructose & glucose combined with fiber it gives instant energy boost to the body. For more information on the nutrition of petai, check it out here. What I love most about the petai is the aftermath of consuming it. Your shit, pee, burp & nevertheless the fart all smelt of petai - heavenly. It gave a feeling that it cleanses your whole body digestive system. And I find girls who eat petai exceptional sexy, I would not mind to give them a kiss :)

Oh if you excuse me, I am gonna Hiroshima my toilet again.

Happy weekend to all.


Marcus said...

Dude you sure this is gonna work?

cjude87 said...

there's no doubt that 'petai' is gonna leave your breath 'speechless'! lol

Michael Song said...

marcus... u should try it, then u will believe...

cjude... wait til u kiss the girl who eats petai... heavenly!!!